Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bill Murray in Get Low DVD

Now I have not seen this movie.But when you get Bill Murray and Robert Duvall in a movie together you know it has to be good.

The plot is  spun out of equal parts folk tale & fable and some of the real life legend about the mysterious 1930's  hermit who famously threw his own wild and to be remembered funeral party before he was even dead yet.

I did watch the movie trailer and loved Bill Murray in this one.I loved his outfit,and the style of his fassion during his role play of the 1930's funeral director.At least that's what I thought he was.Or was it the banker?There was no sound on the movie trialer and I couldn't tell what kind of role Bill Murray was playing in this one.

Ok..Got it.He was the funeral director..or something along that line.

This movie looks pretty dang good.It starts a little slow,but beyond a doubt this is going to be a classic.

If you're also a Robert Duvall fan you're really going to love this movie.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bill Murray DVDS

When it comes to Bill Murray DVDS this movie is a must for your collection.I loved this movie,and it's one of those flicks you can watch a 100 times,put it away,take it out and watch it again.

The man who knew to little dvd is a movie that at least for me,made my love for Bill Murray start all over again.

The man who knew to little is a movie you're whole family will enjoy.It's one of my most favorite movies of his.

You'll love this movie from beginning to end!!

The price is right,and shipped right to your door in 2-3 days.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bill Murray Movies

I just wanted to say thank you to all,who love Bill Murray movies.He's kept us smiling through the years,and so glad he's keeping busy in Hollywood.I must admit that every movie I've seen him,I remember the movie best by the Bill Murray Quotes.

Here you'll find a list of Bill Murray Movies.I'm still waiting to see that recent movie he's in called "Two Men".At least that's what I think it's called.Soon as it comes available on DVD,I'll add it here.I really hope to make the best list of Bill Murray movies out here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ghostbusters III

Now I can not wait till this movie comes out.It's still in the works,and yet to be announced when.This will be a Bill Murray Ghostbusters DVD we'll go nuts for,just waiting for it to come out.

I loved the ghostbuster movies as a kid.I think I was 16 when the first one came out,and it's one of my favorites in the classic collection.

All the stars will be in this upcomming movie,but I'm not sure about the Lewis guy..Rick Moranis.I sure hope he decides to come out of retirement,and join these guys one last time to make this one of the best trilogies of the century.I've notice Bill Murray movies just keep getting better,and better over time.I like it when Bill Murray qoutes "let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown"

The Bill Murray Ghostbuster movies have always been a favorite of mine.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This movie always makes me laugh. The cast in it is incredible! Bill Murray's role is kind of small, but he steals every scene he's in. Chevy Chase's role is also sort of small, but Chevy is fantastic. He's got so many classic lines in this movie. My friends and I still quote them.

What can I say about Rodney Dangerfield? The man was hilarious and this was probably his best role. One actor who doesn't get mentioned enough for his role in this movie is Ted Knight. He's as perfect in this role as he was as Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore show. The man was an awesome comedic actor and he was brilliant in Caddyshack.

Besides the humor in this movie, it's also got some great 80's music in it. The theme song, Kenny Loggins' I'm Alright is one of Kenny's best songs ever. Also, to this day, I still can't hear Journey's Any Way You Want It without thinking of the great scene it was featured in.

Caddyshack is undeniably and justifiably a comedy classic. If you've never seen it, see it immediately. Actually, you should just go ahead and buy a copy of this dvd. Everyone should own a copy. It's that good.



Bill Murray Kingpin movie.Yes this is the famous Bill Murray the bowler film.It is very funny with wonderful actors like Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray, Randy Quaid and the lovely Vanessa Angel. About down on his luck bowler(Woody Harrelson) who coachs a naive amish bowler (Randy Quaid) to win $1,000,000 winner takes all bowling tournament in Reno.It is non-stop laugh for 2 hours.Bill Murray is especially good in the role of a sleazy bad guy,who just cracks me up.It's funny watching Bill Murray play a jerk.He's a dang good actor.I'd also like to see Bill Murray brother come back,and do a little more on the big screen.Bill Murray's brother was the main actor in..Dang,gonna look into that.Be right back!!


This is a great 2 DVD set that includes BOTH Ghostbusters 1 and Ghostbusters 2 in WIDESCREEN and some great extras too,including a collectable scrapbook!!! A great collection for the Ghostbuster fan!!! A great set of dvds at a great price!!! It's Slimo-O-Riffic!!!Recommended!!! A+

I so fell in love with these movies.It was great for us adults too.Kids of any age,and adults 100 years old loved these films equally.



This movie is sheer brilliance. It's hard to tell whether this movie is a romantic comedy, or a coming-of-age drama. The plot circles around Max Fischer, who is an over-ambitious, extra-curricular high school student, whom befriends a Mr. Herman Blume. Both Max and Blume fall in love with the attractive and interesting first grade teacher, Miss Cross. The love triangle affects Blume's and Max's relationship in both a humorous and somewhat saddening way. All three characters are well-defined and the directing and photography are simply beautiful, with the use of the fall season to set the background. Every single line of the film is said with such a brilliant charm, it has to be seen to be believed. Many will not find a whole lot of comedy in this film without repeated viewing, but it is well worth it. The fact that Max is virtually blind to the age difference between him and Miss Cross brings a smile to my face with every viewing. Also, Mr. Blume sees himself within Max's personality, and is probably some of the reason that they form a friendship in which they both respect each other and resent each other. In the end, they find their relationship to be a great treasure, and is one of the reasons this film is so beautiful. I don't know whether this is a comedy or drama, but I love it, and those who don't might want to give it another or even a few more chances. The features on this DVD are both incredibly entertaining, and very insightful. Definitely Criterion status.


Lost In Translation

Brilliant. Captures a few days in the lives of a middle-aged actor and a beautiful young philosophy student who connect in Japan. The stream-of-life direction, the subtle and natural dialogue, the beautiful and haunting cinematography of Japan and the wonderful music make this like watching a dream. The movie, it's sweetness, bittersweet joy and subtle characters, stayed with me for days like a great novel. Bill Murray gives maybe his best performance ever, nuanced, expressed, understated. Joyous, uplifting, honest. Makes you glad to be alive.

lost in translation

Broken Flowers

Jim Jarmusch is one of the last truly independant filmmakers around. Completely original and beautifully acted. Bill Murray's performance rivals that of Lost in Translation, but still doesn't overtake it. This film is one of the more underrated films of the year along with Gore Verbinski's The Weatherman and Harold Ramis' The Ice Harvest. This film is quirky, funny, and depressing all at the same time. All of Don's former lovers all are acted wonderfully, especially by Sharon Stone. This is a very mellow but sweet comedy. One of Jarmusch's best.

broken flowers

The Life Aquatic Cast Yellow

I loved this movie.It's hard to describe this movie,because it's a serious acting type of comedy.It's just full of laughs,and oddities that make a person just shake there head in wonder.It's an awesome Bill Murray movie worthy of any collection.

It's a team of reasearchers who encounter dangers,and trouble while out in international waters.From pirates,to financial troubles the movie keeps you glued to the screeen.

You'll love it!!

the life aquatic

Groundhog Day

This is Bill Murray's best movie (along with Ghostbusters & Mad Dog and Glory) and also the best movie of Harold Ramis (as a director).
When I saw the movie for the first time, it was like a breath of fresh air among all other Hollywood releases at the time (boring, stupid, predictable). Why? Because you knew how it's gonna end (obviously, it's a romantic comedy), but you didn't know WHEN! and believe me, you don't want it to end...
Worth noticing is also the fact that movie sparks genuine feelings for the characters (even sporadic ones), otherwise absent from other Harold Ramis/Ivan Reitman/Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd movies. The quartet (working together or not) mostly have interesting ideas how to amuse people and make them laugh, but they often fail to make us care for the characters involved.
For those of you from other planets, the plot involves a conceited weatherman (Murray) stuck in time on the worst day of his life. So he has to live the day again and again (see the title) until... Well, you know. Not even death can stop his misery. Andie MacDowell is lovely as a producer/love interest and all other performances are funny beyond words. The funniest, of course, is Bill Murray himself.
This is much better than "Multiplicity" (Harold Ramis directed this after Groundhog Day with Andie reprising her role, and Michael Keaton replacing Murray), and funnier than "12:01" (a TV movie with a similar premise, also very good - check it out!).
I hope there will be many deleted scenes or outtakes in the special features part of DVD, because I think they had so much fun making this movie...

groundhog day

The Razors Edge

If you enjoy true drama,very light comedy(Not the usuall Bill Murray variety at all) and do not mind a slightly tragic end this film is definately for you. That was all of the bad stuff. The good stuff is Bill Murray in a serious role that he pulls off without a hitch. The movie gives you pause to reflect upon yourself and almost compells you to examine your everyday actions-days after you have finished the movie. It is a movie about a person in search of himself and his attonement, and it's effect on others around him. The ending as forementioned is a little tragic, but as life generally is, it is quite beliveable.After you watch this movie you will definately want to share it with a friend.

the razors edge

Scrooged DVD

One of my top five christmas movies. Bill Murry plays Frank Cross (the scrooge character), a TV Exec that only cares about his career. Pefectly illustrated when talking to his brother; Brother: "Frank you know what they say about stepping on people on the way up?" Frank: "Yeah you get to step on them again on the way down." Its the usuall "A Christmas Carol" rip off, but it's still very funny.It's a scrooged dvd you will not forget. The ghost are absolutely hillarious, the ghost of Christmas present will have you on the floor laughing. The whole thing revolves around Frank Cross making the most overblown version of Ebeneezer Scrooge for airing on live TV on Christmas eve. So you get to see the real Dickens story against what is happening to Frank Cross. I absolutely have to see this movie every christmas. The ending is so sappy, that you can't help say "Merry Christmas everybody, and God Bless us Everyone." I highly recommend this movie.

scrooged dvd

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Bill Murray The Man Who Knew To Little plays an awesome character in this movie. He is a clueless man who's visiting his banker,and successful brother in the U.K.His brother has an important bank meeting,and has to sign up Bill Murray (his brother in the movie) for the Theatre of Life.It's a reality like adventure one takes for the enjoyment of acting,and living out fake adventures.Playing the hero..etc..Hardly does he know,he's in a real life adventure for the fight of his life,and he thinks it all staged.A funny movie..I love it,and it's one of my most favorite Bill Murray Movies.I'd have to say the Bill Murray quote in this movie I can clearly remember is.."Relax,you're just doing your job"..This movie is non stop laughs,and non stop action.Lots of great actors in this movie.You'll love it!!..I always forget the title,and call it the spy who knew to little.
the man who knew to little


Stripes was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I'm happy to say that I still find it just as funny today. This extended cut adds several deleted scenes, some good, some not-so-good. My personal favorite is one where Harold Ramis' character reaches the breaking point and he and Murray go AWOL, hitching a ride on a cargo plane and parachuting into South America. This scene gives Harold Ramis a chance to shine, and is very funny, but during the commentary track it is mentioned that it was cut from the film (despite being a favorite of the studio execs) because it didn't seem to fit in the film from a pacing aspect (it is suggested it would've gone well over the end credits, but this was before such a thing was common).

Speaking of the commentary track, it isn't mentioned on the packaging, but it's there, and includes director Ivan Reitman and writer/producer Dan Goldberg. And apparently, the extended cut wasn't Reitman's idea -- some of the deleted scenes he prefers to not have in the film. The DVD also includes a nice 2-part documentary which includes interviews with the cast.


What About Bob

I seriously think that this is the best movie ever. I haven't seen it in a few months but my stomach still hurts from all the laughing I did (ok, not really but you get the picture). Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors and he made me love him even more in this film. I cannot count how many times I laugh everytime I watch this movie. If you are going to watch this movie, be ready for a stomach ache afterwards because I can guarantee that you will laughing for all eternity after you watch this movie. If you have a pulse, you will enjoy this movie!

what about bob